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Americano's Dreamweaver of BCF

About DW

What can I say about this guy!  He's was our first born !! We are so very proud to have had him as our herdsire. His dense curly fleece was evident from the moment of birth. A difficult birth for his Dam but well worth her efforts as well as those of the humans who had to assist.  19.5 lbs at birth he continued to excel in every way and grew into a fine young herdsire. He started his show career in February 2008 at the Sunshine State Expo in which he won a 3rd place ribbon under Julio Sumar. He continued to place well in two more shows, with ribbons at every show he has entered in 2008. In 2009 he has added to that collection with a 6th place out of 12 in the Yearling White Male Class at the Kentucky Classic and two 2nd Place ribbons for spin offs entries of his cria fleece. One in the Virginia Classic and one in the MAPACA Jubilee. The young Dreamweaver had fine dense fiber with lots of shine that really wowwed the judges. He became an excellent herdsire as was his Sire, Victor's Hemiaccoyo Americano, who was the premier herdsire at Agassiz's Alpacas in Canada for many years. Agassiz's sold Americano in 2010 and he resided in Oregon at Amber Autumn Alpacas until his passing in 2013. These genetics are very limited in the USA as Agassiz's had kept most of Americano's offspring in their herd until they retired. There are just four other Americano boys in the US today. One Light Fawn, one multi and two whites.

Sadly we lost our Dreamweaver in August of 2015. We will never forget that day we saw him frantically running in circles in his pen. It was a very quick passing and we did all we could, but lost him to what we believe was an allergic reaction to a bite or perhaps a blood clot or heart attack. Within 15 minutes he was gone.  His presence remains here on the farm in the form of his daughters. He is shown in multiple photos on this website and in the fiber pictures.  He will always be a part of this farm and forever in our hearts.